Don’t Miss the Action at the 2022 Versatile Horse & Rider Competition!

Equine Affaire’s hugely popular Versatile Horse & Rider Competition will return this April to Equine Affaire in Ohio. This year’s competition will feature up to 25 horse and rider combinations who will tackle the timed and judged race through an obstacle course created to test communication between horse and rider as well as each competitor’s horsemanship skills and athletic prowess. As the horse and rider teams race through the course and work through each obstacle they will be judged on several horsemanship criteria as well as overall performance. Contestants will compete for $5,500 in cash as well as other prizes.

The Versatile Horse & Rider Competition will take place in the coliseum beginning at 1:00pm on Friday, April 8, 2022, at the Ohio Expo Center. A maximum of 25 pre-selected horse/rider teams will participate in the competition which will consist of one round through the course. Come cheer on your favorite team and take part in other fun activities as part of the VHRC experience!

The course for the VHRC will be constructed within the 90 x 212 parameters of the Ohio Expo Center coliseum and feature numerous trail obstacles and riding challenges such as: jumping over obstacles, backing up through a pattern, pole bending or roll backs, various gymkhana games, working gates, riding over or through “spooky objects”, gait/lead changes, flexing, working on the diagonal, etc.

Cash and other prizes will be awarded to the top four riders. Top 10 riders receive ribbons and prize packages.

FIRST PLACE: $2,500.00 cash prize, Champion rosette, Title of “Equine Affaire Versatile Horse & Rider Champion”
SECOND PLACE: $1,750.00 cash prize, Reserve champion rosette
THIRD PLACE: $1,000.00 cash prize, Rosette, and Farnam prize package
FOURTH PLACE: $250.00 cash prize, Rosette, and Farnam prize package
FIFTH THROUGH TENTH PLACES: Rosette, and Farnam package

The Versatile Horse & Rider Competition is a timed race during which the performance of each horse and rider team is judged on each obstacle for quality of horsemanship. For each obstacle, the judge awards performance points on a scale of 0-5 based on the horse’s attitude, the rider’s horsemanship, and the team’s overall performance. Horses and riders are required to complete the course within a given time. Times are translated into points, and points from each obstacle are totaled. The horse and rider team with the highest overall point score wins!