The Presenters at Equine Affaire®

An Exceptional Lineup of Presenters is Scheduled for Equine Affaire this November

World Champions, National Champions, Olympians, WEG and Pan Am competitors, popular equestrian TV personalities, professional equestrian performers, authors, judges, veterinarians, professors, and other top industry professionals will come together at the 2022 Equine Affaire in Massachusetts to share their expertise on a wide range of equestrian disciplines and topics and offer unparalleled learning opportunities. Plan your trip to W. Springfield to meet these top equestrians and industry leaders, attend sessions on a wide range of equestrian disciplines and topics, and hone your horse training, management, and riding skills.

2022 Clinic, Seminar and Demonstration Schedule 

Leslie Lopardo

Western Dressage

Carrie Brandt & Laura Benson


Caleb Crainci-Asch


Joyleen Seymour

Mounted Games

Copper Hill Vaulters


Canadian Cowgirls

Drill Teams

Pamela Allen-LeBlanc

Alternative Therapies

Rebecca Barrett

Equine First Aid

Danielle Bertuccio

Austism and Horses

Samantha Brooks

Equine Genetics

Karin Bump, PhD

College - Career Fair

Colleen Campbell

Dogs & Horses

Jenn Currie

Sports Pyschology

Mandee Flanders

Equine Business

Richard Godbee, PhD

Wounds, Geriatric Care, Body Condition Scoring, Conformation

John Haime

Ride Big! Sports Psychology

Cynthia Keating

Arena Footing

Piper Klemm

Equine business

Danny Kroetch

Saddle Fit

Tara Mahoney

Equine Assisted Activities

Kerri March Fleming

Equine Massage

Dan Moore, DVM

Horse Care

Jochen Schleese

Saddle Fit

Fran Severn-Ley

Riding Later in Life

Elizabeth Shea

Equine Assisted Learning

Cassandra Shores, DVM


Wayne Williams

Horse Trivia

Donna Woods

LED Light Therapy

And many, many more to be announced!

Please check back soon!