Frequently Asked Questions at Equine Affaire®

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Where is the event?

The Ohio event is held at the Ohio Expo Center in Columbus, OH, at 717 East 17th Avenue. Please note that our office, which is for staff use only, is located in London, Ohio, and we do not hold the events at our office!

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Do I have to print my tickets for Equine Affaire and/or Fantasia?

All tickets are now digital, which means you do not have to print your tickets! While you are always welcome to bring paper copies, the best thing to do is to save your tickets to your phone, or take a screenshot of your tickets with a clear view of the QR code. Once you arrive, show your phone screen to the ticket-taking staff and they will scan them for you!

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Help! I can’t find my tickets/confirmation/proof of purchase for Equine Affaire or Fantasia in my email.

First, check your email folders and spam folders for any emails that are sent from “” If you still do not find your tickets or confirmation, please call our office at (740) 845-0085 and we will be happy to re-send your tickets to you.

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Is there a lost and found?

Any items lost or found at Equine Affaire can be turned in at the Equine Affaire Information Booth. In Ohio, that booth is located by the main entrance of the Bricker Building. If you are seeking a lost item, go to the Equine Affaire Information Booth. After the event, you may contact the main office at (740) 845-0085 to inquire after a lost item.

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How can I find out whether tickets are still available for Fantasia on a given night?

You can always look online at our ticket portal to see if tickets are available or sold out for a given night. During the event, “sold out” notices will be posted at the Equine Affaire Information Booth when a night is sold out. Updates will also be posted regularly on our Equine Affaire Facebook page throughout the event. You can also call our office at (740) 845-0085 to inquire.

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Where can I find a map of the vendors?

A map of the vendors is located in every printed Equine Affaire program, which is given out to every adult attendee. Our program is also uploaded to our website prior to each event. When the event is closer, we'll add a direct link here!

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Is there an official livestream?

No, there is not an official livestream of Equine Affaire at either venue. Please beware of any links posted as comments to our social media channels or to other websites purporting to be a livestream of our event; those are scam links.

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Can I bring my dog? What about my service dog?

We love our dogs (and other pets!) as much as you do, but dogs are not permitted on the grounds or in the buildings of Equine Affaire with the exception of service dogs. Service dogs must be under their master's control at all times. Please review Section 955.43 of the Ohio Revised Code if you are unclear about rules regarding service dogs:

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When can I arrive to park on site?

You may arrive and park as early as you wish, although the doors to the buildings will remain locked until 9 am.

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What is the cost of parking?

At the Ohio Expo Center, parking is $10 per entry or $20 per four day pass. Standard parking accepts cash, credit/debit, Google Pay, or Apple Pay. You may purchase passes at the event when you arrive.

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Where can I find the schedule of events?

The schedule for Equine Affaire is posted in advance on our website and updated on a regular basis. When it is closer to our event, a link will be available here. It is also available in our printed program, which is handed out at the event to every adult and is free with admission. We will also upload the printed program to our website.

Do I have to purchase a general admission ticket if I am only coming to see Fantasia?

If you arrive after 6:30 pm, you do not have to purchase a general admission ticket. But if you arrive before 6:30 pm, you will be charged general admission.

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I bought tickets and now I can't make it. Can I get a refund?

No, there are no refunds for general admission or Fantasia tickets. There is a physical message board available at the event where you can post a note offering your Fantasia tickets for sale.

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How do I enter the raffle?

There is a raffle available online through our website twice a year in advance of each event. You can enter the Ohio raffle at the link below. Winners will be randomly selected after the event ends and will be notified via email. Prizes for the 2024 Ohio raffle include one $500 gift card from Zero Proof Horse Treats, one travel fence from Greystone USA, one of three $100 gift certificates from Bronco Western Supply Co, one of two equestrian-themed mirrors by October Design Equestrian Decor, one prize package from US Equestrian, or tickets to the 2025 Equine Affaire in Ohio!

Who do I call about camping?

Camping spaces with electrical, water, and sewer hookups are available on the grounds of the Ohio Expo Center. No advance registration is needed; there are ample spaces. All spaces are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. The current Ohio Expo Center camping rate is $50/day and subject to change without notice. No tent camping is permitted. You may find out more at the link or by calling 614-294-9336 or 614-294-9338.

How do I submit a question to be answered here?

You can submit questions to

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