Exhibiting at Equine Affaire®

The Equine Affaire in Columbus, Ohio enjoys one of the largest equine-related trade shows in the country boasting over 300 exhibitors each year. We make every effort to ensure that our trade show features a broad range of quality equine and equestrian-related products and limit the number of vendors within each product category both to enhance the variety of products featured and to control competition between vendors with similar product lines.


  • Please fully complete and submit the Application & Contract for Exhibit Space as well as the Exhibit & Product Summary. Both documents are required to begin the application process and are combined in the link below.
  • We encourage you to submit photos of products and booth displays with your application to help in the decision-making process.
  • A 50% deposit is not required to begin the application process, but is required to secure your exhibit space if you are accepted.
  • Please feel free to contact a member of our trade show staff with any questions you may have throughout this process.
  • 25 CE Rules and Regs


  • Applications received will be placed on a wait-list only. Submitting your application and product summary does not guarantee an exhibit booth.
  • As an equine event, please note we only accept equine-related products and services onto the floor. We reserve the right to refuse any applicant we feel does not meet the criteria of being equine-related.
  • If accepted, you will be provided an official booth offer via email. The booth offer will include a map of the space as well as specific details regarding high sides, poles, and cost.
  • Once you receive your official booth offer, you will need to confirm acceptance of the space at which time you will have two weeks to remit the required 50% deposit. You may pay by check or we will email you an online payment portal invoice. If your deposit is not received within two weeks, we reserve the right to release the space offered.
  • If you need to cancel your booth, please note that the 50% deposit is non-refundable regardless of when cancellation notice is received.
  • The final payment deadline is February 3, 2025. A 15% late payment penalty fee will be applied to the remaining balance due if received after this deadline. Cancellations received after this deadline are subject to no refund.

2024 Ohio Building Layouts:

  • Commercial exhibit spaces are confined to two main buildings: Bricker and Celeste. These buildings are enclosed, temperature regulated, well lit and secured at the end of the day. As traffic flows steadily through both buildings, there is no difference in cost based on which building you are placed in.
  • Additional fees are associated with booths that are deemed premium and for corner locations. Please refer to the building layouts provided below to identify premium and corner locations.


Your exhibit booth INCLUDES:

  • An 8′ high back drape and two 3′ high side drapes.
  • One exhibitor name sign with a separate booth number attached.
  • One company name listing on Equine Affaire’s website with a link to exhibitor’s website.
  • One company name listing in the Equine Affaire event program with booth number and either a website or telephone number listed under the alphabetical exhibitor list.
    • Additional program listings are available for a fee of $100 each.
  • One company name listing in the Equine Affaire event program under the category list.
    • Additional category listings are available for a fee of $40 each.
  • A minimum of two complimentary Exhibitor Badges are included with each booth. Each badge contains four tickets for daily admission.
    • Larger booths include additional complimentary badges calculated by square footage and should be enough to man each exhibit space.
    • If more badges are needed than provided, you may purchase additional badges for $40 each (restrictions apply).
  • Exhibitor area parking privileges; where applicable.
  • General show security.

Your exhibit booth does NOT INCLUDE:

  • Parking is NOT included with your booth. The Ohio Expo Center charges $10 for single day parking and $25 for a four-day pass. Parking attendants accept cash only.
  • Furniture and carpet are NOT provided with your booth. You may either bring your own or rent them through the event decorator.
  • Electric is NOT included with your booth. Expo Services handles electrical orders for the event. Information and rates will be provided in your move-in packet a couple months prior to the event.
  • WIFI and Telephone Services are NOT included with your booth. NetSteady handles these services for the event. Information and rates will be provided in your move-in packet a couple months prior to the event.
  • Labor or equipment for move in, set up, or tear down is NOT provided with your booth.

Requirements for participating:

  • You MUST provide a Certificate of Insurance. Certificates require Equine Affaire staff approval and must be received prior to the event itself. If you do not submit an approved Certificate of Insurance prior to the event, you will not be allowed to participate at Equine Affaire.
    • Your Certificate must be effective during the event dates (including set up and tear down days) and be marked for occurrences.
    • Exhibitor’s with 600 or more square feet of exhibit space must list Equine Affaire as an additional insured.
    • You can purchase a short-term show policy from ACT insurance. Be sure your policy coverage dates include your set up and tear down day.
  • You MUST provide an Ohio Sales Tax ID if you are selling merchandise at the event or notify us that you are “Display Only”.
    • You are responsible for collecting and paying sales tax to the State of Ohio after participation in the event.
    • Ohio Sales Tax rate is 7.5%
    • You can register for your Sales Tax ID or file your taxes here, or call (888) 405-4039.

Exhibitor Guide:

  • Detailed information regarding your participation at Equine Affaire is covered in our Exhibitor Guide. We highly recommend taking the time to read through this guide so you are thoroughly informed on what to expect as an exhibitor of Equine Affaire. Please feel free to contact our trade show staff with any questions or concerns you may have.