Find Your Next Horse at Equine Affaire®

The Horse & Farm Exhibits in the Gilligan Complex will showcase horses for adoption from a variety of horse rescues and sanctuaries.

Adoptable horses will be stabled in the Gilligan Complex at the event. Look for the green “Adoption Affaire” signs on stalls as you make your way through the barn. 

Visit with groups and learn how you can become more involved or even adopt.

Some organizations may require an application process.

Stalls 468, 469, 470, 490, 491, 492, 493 –
Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue and Lost Meadows Mule Refuge

Stalls 421-432 – Bella Run Equine Rescue


The ASPCA’s Right Horse Stop by ASPCA’s Right Horse Adoption partners within the Gilligan Complex and meet their adoptable horses! Help support a movement focused on improving the lives of horses in transition and connecting adopters with the “Right Horse.”

American Saddlbred Legacy Foundation – Considering a Horse
American Saddlebred Legacy Foundation – Application
American Saddlebred Legacy Foundation – Bill of Sale

Horses Available from Copper Horse Crusade
Copper Horse Crusade Placement Policies
Copper Horse Crusade Contract

Adoption Application – Heart of Phoenix

Adoption Application – Kentucky Humane

New Vocations Application Requirements
We are excited to have three Standardbred geldings who each have earned over $1 million dollars!! This is a first for NV to have three millionaires at one time. It really is special! We will also be bringing one matron of honor mare too.

West Virginia Horse Network Adoption Agreement