"Ride With a Pro" at Equine Affaire

“Ride With a pro” – Julie goodnight personalized equitation coaching clinic
Though the training clinics presented during the four days of Equine Affaire will be conducted for the benefit of horse enthusiasts watching from their homes, Julie Goodnight is offering personalized equitation coaching for her virtual clinic at the 2021 Equine Affaire and seeking 4-6 riders to participate.

Who Can Apply?
English or Western riders, intermediate through advanced riding levels. Ms. Goodnight prefers walk, trot, canter, but will accept walk-trot only candidates.

how much does it cost?
The fee for the virtual Equine Affaire clinic with Julie Goodnight is FREE! Don’t miss your chance for expert input on your riding.

HOW to Apply:
Complete the application provided at the “APPLY” link below. Your video should be approximately five minutes in length of you riding your horse in the pattern outlined below.

  • The Pattern to Ride:
    Ride straight toward camera at the walk, then make two circles to the right. Ride straight away from camera and then ride two circles to the left at a walk. Repeat at the Trot. Repeat at the canter.
  • Please use a tripod for your phone or camera.
  • Do not zoom in or out.
  • Make a video of yourself riding in 60-80′ circles near the camera. Define your “set” with cones. The camera-person can stand in the middle of the circle, moving the tripod around the circle as you ride OR set the camera on a tripod at one end of the circle, to show the entire circle.
  • Do not intro/outro or talk to the camera—the sound will not be used.
  • Do not add music or graphics to the video.
  • Title the video file with your name and the date it was made.
  • Upload your video to YouTube and mark it unlisted (only people with the link can view). Enter the video link in the application.

APPLY TODAY! Complete the Ride With A Pro Application.

Application deadline March 1, 2021!