Equine Affaire®

The Nation's Premier Equine Exposition and Equestrian Gathering





APRIL 7TH-10TH, 2022


Ohio Expo Center

NOVEMBER 10TH-13TH, 2022


Eastern States Exposition

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About Equine Affaire®

Equine Affaire is all about opportunities!
Learn from and mingle with many of the foremost trainers, coaches, competitors, judges, and experts in the horse industry. Take a break from online shopping to see, touch, try on, and experience a wealth of equine and equestrian products in the largest horse-related trade shows in the nation. Meet and appreciate dozens of breeds of horses from around the world. Buy a horse—or sell one. Discover the right stallion for your mare or the ideal boarding, training, or breeding facility for you and your horse. Experience the excitement of the Versatile Horse & Rider Competition (Equine Affaire’s ultimate test of horsemanship) and the drama of the Fantasia (Equine Affaire’s signature musical celebration of the horse.) Interface with all facets of the horse industry while sharing your passion for horses with friends, family, and fellow horse people.

We invite you to take the opportunity to immerse yourself in “all things equine” for four incredible days in Columbus, OH, in April or W. Springfield, MA, in November.

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