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The 2018 Equine Affaire in Ohio Marked 25 Years of Service to Horse People and the Horse Industry

LONDON, OH, April 26, 2018—Equine Affaire’s “Silver Anniversary” event took place April 12-15 at the Ohio Expo Center in Columbus and offered what North America’s premiere equine exposition and equestrian gathering has become famous for:  an educational program that is second-to-none, the largest horse-related trade show in the nation, top equine entertainment and competition, and endless opportunities to experience, buy, and sell horses of all types. Tens of thousands of horse people from throughout the Midwest and from as far away as Arizona and Canada travelled to Columbus to see, feel, touch, compare, try on, experience and even smell the horse world in person . . . to share their love of horses with others who have the same passion.  For four full days they enjoyed first-hand opportunities to witness great horses, learn from top equestrians, shop for all things equine, research, connect, hang out with fellow horse people and immerse themselves in the world of horses.

The 2018 event in Columbus represented the 25th event produced in Ohio and the 57th event produced nationwide by the show’s parent company, Equine Affaire, Inc., based in London, OH.  “Our production team has worked incredibly hard over the past 25 years to produce events designed to serve the needs of both horse people and the horse industry overall, and I think we have a lot to be proud of,” explained Eugenia Snyder, the event’s founder and company President. “We did some estimates of what we have produced and realized that roughly 5,750 clinics, seminars and demos have been presented at the Ohio Equine Affaires alone and more than 1,650 clinicians and presenters have been featured. More than 40 breeds of horses from all corners of the world have been showcased at Equine Affaire in Ohio, and horse people have been treated to 21 different productions of the Fantasia.

“But beyond the actual numbers, the true impact of 25 Equine Affaires on horse people and the horse industry is incalculable,” Eugenia continued.  “Hundreds of thousands of horse people have travelled from throughout the United States and numerous foreign countries to attend and enjoy the shows.  Many thousands of horse-related businesses, organizations and associations have benefited by exhibiting at Equine Affaire.  The events have touched the lives of horse people young and old—and individuals representing virtually all equestrian disciplines and breeds.”

When work initially began on the first Equine Affaire back in 1993, the show was nothing more than a “good idea.”  That idea for an event that would bring all facets of the horse industry together in an education-oriented, noncompetitive environment was soon enthusiastically embraced by horse people and horse businesses alike, and Equine Affaire quickly evolved into a multi-faceted, must-attend show serving the horse community. Today Equine Affaire enjoys a solid reputation and place in the horse industry thanks to the participation and support over the past 25 years of clinicians, presenters, performers, farm owners, associations, organizations, retailers, manufacturers, sponsors, and horse people from all walks of equestrian life.

“We are deeply indebted to the vast number of horse-related businesses, breed associations, and horse people who have supported Equine Affaire’s mission through their participation and we look forward to continuing our productive partnerships with all members of the horse community in the years ahead,” Eugenia said, “We are committed to improving our understanding and appreciation of horses and improving their lives through the education of their owners and handlers.”

The 2018 Equine Affaire in Ohio was yet another huge success for those who made their way to Columbus.  Nearly 250 clinics, seminars, and demos were presented over the four days of the event, and the trade show featured more than 320 exhibitors.  The volume of consignors at The Marketplace consignment shop increased by 22% this year resulting in a huge increase in both items consigned and items sold. Hundreds of event attendees took their “first rides” through the Time to Ride program co-presented with the American Horse Council.   Twelve teams and 115 riders participated in the first Interscholastic Equestrian Association Western Horse Show presented on Sunday at Equine Affaire, and 10 colleges and 13 industry groups joined forces to produce a new Career/College fair and scavenger hunt enjoyed by dozens of students on Saturday at the event.  The new Your Farm Forum featured in the Bricker Annex proved to be very popular—with the bleachers full for many of the seminars and demos presented on farm and stable-related topics.

Martin Schwartz aboard “Show Me Sterling” of Milton, KY rode his way to the champion title of the 2018 Versatile Horse & Rider Competition on Friday afternoon at Equine Affaire.  Second place was claimed by Jason Charles of Dillsburg, PA riding “Colonel Smoken”,  while Brenda Hanson of Andover, OH, received third place and Zoe Woodland of Orient, OH, captured fourth.

Of course the true focus of every Equine Affaire is obviously horses, and there were plenty of ways to discover and appreciate the amazing diversity of the horse world at the Breed Pavilion, Horse & Farm Exhibits and breed demos scheduled throughout the weekend. Equine Affaire attendees were able to get up close and personal with equines from miniatures to drafts, gaited to easy gaited breeds, and stock horses to sport horses. More than two dozen exhibitors participated in the Breed Pavilion, and reps from a wide variety of horse, pony, color, and breed associations and registries were on hand to answer questions and share their exceptional horses. The Horse & Farms Exhibits and For Sale stall program realized a big increase this year–with a 48% increase in the number of stalls leased in this important feature of the event!

Outstanding equine and equestrian acts including Dan James, Tommie Turvey, the Zoppes, Christine Drentwett, the Canadian Cowgirls Drill Team, Nicole Harrington, and a host of others created an evening of unforgettable entertainment at the 2018 Fantasia sponsored by Absorbine®. Equine Affaire’s popular “musical celebration of the horse” once again showcased the beauty, diversity, talent, and spirit of horses of a great variety of breeds and disciplines with just the right mix of comedy, drama, action, stunning horses, phenomenal horsemanship, and great music

Presenting a program as extensive as the one at Equine Affaire is very costly, and we are truly grateful to the many companies and organizations that underwrite production expenses through their generous sponsorships.  We extend our most heartfelt thanks to Absorbine®, Rod’s, US Equestrian, Equine Equipment, Farnam, Nutramax, Wahl, and the dozens of other outstanding companies and organizations that endorsed the mission of Equine Affaire through their sponsorship support.

Visit equineaffaire.com for detailed information on the 2018 Equine Affaire in W. Springfield, MA, that will take place November 8-11, and mark your calendars for the 2019 show in Columbus, OH, scheduled for April 11-14.

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