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The Equine Affaire podcast is your inside look at everything to do with North America’s premier equine exposition and equestrian gathering. In each episode, our host and a special guest explore a different aspect of Equine Affaire, from the Breed Pavilion to the Versatile Horse & Rider Competition and everything in between! The podcast is hosted by Allison Rehnborg. In July 2022, Equine Affaire’s Official Podcast became part of Horses In The Morning, the world’s leading daily morning podcast for the horse world with listeners in over 90 countries! Listen to Horses In The Morning on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts! All HITM-produced episodes are also available here. HITM-produced episodes are co-hosted by Allison Rehnborg and Glenn Hebert.


Episode 12 (Dec. 2021):
In this episode, Jennifer Eaton joins Allison to talk about how participating in the Interscholastic Equestrian Association benefits youth in grades 4-12. Jennifer also shares a behind-the-scenes look into the IEA Intensive Clinics that are offered at the Ohio and Massachusetts events. Then Cynthia Keating of GGT Footing shares all about GGT and its great products.

Episode 11 (Nov. 2021):
Since Equine Affaire overlaps with Veterans Day this year, this episode is dedicated to all our veterans. First, Vietnam veteran, three-time-Purple Heart recipient and accomplished driving horse trainer, competitor, and clinician Bob Giles comes on the show to share about his clinics at Equine Affaire and his experiences as a veteran. Then Sara with Absorbine joins Allison to chat about what visitors can look forward to when they visit the Absorbine booth in the Better Living Center during Equine Affaire in Massachusetts.

Episode 10 (Oct. 2021):
Equine Affaire president and owner Coagi Long comes on the show to share about the Marketplace Consignment Shop, a new feature for Equine Affaire in Massachusetts.  At the Marketplace, market your unwanted items for up to four days to the tens of thousands of avid horsemen who attend Equine Affaire, then browse through the vast array of consigned items and discover bargains on the things you need to get ready for the upcoming riding season. To learn how to consign, visit equineaffaire.com. Then Ron Akre of Farnam visits with Allison and shares how Equine Affaire attendees can help celebrate Farnam’s 75th anniversary by entering to win a gator packed with $1,000 of prizes. Learn more at farnam.com.

Episode 9 (Sept. 2021):
This episode features a fun interview with champion equestrian and attorney Fred Win,
who will perform in Fantasia this fall as well as teach a clinic on peer mentoring at Equine Affaire.
Then Jill Siragusa gives an update on sponsor Horizon Structures’ latest products.

Episode 8 (August 2021):
Three-time Olympian Jim Wofford will be giving multiple clinics on eventing at the
2021 Equine Affaire in Massachusetts. In this episode, Jim shares the story of how
he got started in the horse industry, gives his best advice for aspiring equestrians
and chats about the exciting sessions he has planned for Equine Affaire.
Then Tamara Shaw of Nutrena Equine joins the show to give an update on
Nutrena’s latest products and special features.

Episode 7 (July 2021):
Natural horsemanship instructor Kelly Sigler and professional rider
Maite Bonet join Allison to talk about the Menorcan, a breed of horse
native to the island of Menorca. Together, Kelly and Maite are working
to import the first Menorcans to the United States this summer. Kelly
and Maite are also bringing Menorcan horses to Equine Affaire this fall
to participate in the Breed Pavilion. To learn more about the incredible
Menorcan, follow @PRMenorcanHorses on Facebook and Instagram
or visit prmenorcanhorsesusa.com (USA).

Episode 6 (June 2021):
In this episode, Canadian equestrian artist Elise Genest joins Allison
to talk about “Teal and Gold Xerex,” the featured artwork for the 2021
Equine Affaire events. In addition to sharing the behind-the-scenes
story of the portrait, Elise shares a little bit about her history as an
equestrian artist and photographer and delves into her creative
process. To learn more about Elise, visit her online at elise-genest.com,
follow her on Facebook at Elise Genest Arts & Chevaux and on
Instagram at elisegenestarts.
 Part I:

Part II:

Episode 5 (May 2021):
In this episode, Tinia Creamer with Heart of Phoenix Rescue joins Allison
to talk about the rescue’s mission to rescue horses, educate the horse
industry and advocate for solutions to the feral horse problem in West Virginia.
If you want to learn more about Heart of Phoenix Rescue, visit heartofphoenix.org
and watch their educational YouTube channel. You can also watch the story of
Sansa, a Heart of Phoenix rescue horse who went on to compete at the Equine
Affaire Versatile Horse & Rider Competition, on the Heart of Pheonix
YouTube channel.

Episode 4 (April 2021):
In this episode, Equine Affaire’s own Karin Brennan joins Allison to
talk about the virtual Equine Affaire event, which will take place online
April 8-11, 2021. In addition to sharing details for how listeners can
join the event for free online, Karin discusses all the special features of
this exciting virtual event, including the Versatile Horse & Rider
Competition: Home Edition; exclusive interviews with clinicians such as
Monty Roberts, Guy McLean, Julie Goodnight, Dan James and others;
an interactive shopping guide; video contests and much more.


Episode 3 (March 2021):
The March 2021 episode of the Equine Affaire podcast is a special
double feature! Our first guest is Rebecca Bowman of Fall Creek Falls
Equestrian in Pikeville, Tenn., who is hosting a Mustang Trainer Incentive
Program (TIP) Challenge this year as part of the virtual Equine Affaire. In
this episode, Rebecca chats with Allison about how she got started working
with mustangs. Then she shares how the audience at home can tune in to
watch the Equine Affaire Mustang TIP Challenge online. Then Jerry Paulsen,
founder, executive director and president of Operation Horses and Heroes, Inc.,
joins the show to share a behind-the-scenes look at how Operation Horses and
Heroes channels the healing power of the horse to help veterans, active duty
service members and their families to overcome the challenges of military life.
Mustang Challenge:

Operation Horses and Heroes:

Episode 2 (February 2021):
In this episode, Erin Miley of Miley Friesians in Greenville, Ohio,
shares the story of how she got involved in the horse industry and
eventually developed her very own breeding program producing
top-caliber Friesian horses. Then she chats about how much she
enjoys sharing her love of Friesians with the public through the
Equine Affaire Breed Pavilion, Horse & Farm Exhibits and the riding
demonstrations. Then Eric Seaman, operations manager for Rod’s,
chats about how Equine Affaire attendees can shop Rod’s online
during the virtual event for Equine Affaire in Ohio.

Episode 1 (January 2021):
In this episode, Ken McNabb gives his best advice on how visitors can
get the most out of their trip to Equine Affaire, chats about how to build
courage in your horse, and shares his insights into the Versatile Horse
& Rider Competition and Ride with a Pro. Then Martha Lefebvre, senior
marketing manager for Farnam, shares her stories of past Equine Affaires
and chats about Farnam’s 75th anniversary plans for 2021.

Episode Details:Listen to Podcast:Episode 8 (December 2020): In this episode, renowned equestrian performer Jenny Vidbell shares the story of her life as a circus performer, provides a behind-the-scenes look at how she prepares for an event like the Fantasia, and recalls her favorite memories of past Fantasias. Then Amy Cairy, director of marketing for W.F. Young, parent company of Absorbine, provides sneak peeks into some of Absorbine’s latest products and shares her own favorite memories of Equine Affaire and Fantasia.


Episode 7 (November 2020): Dave Edmundson, also known as the “Voice of Equine Affaire,” is retiring. In this special edition of the Equine Affaire Podcast, Dave shares the story of how he became the official announcer for Equine Affaire, reminisces about memorable events and demonstrations that he has witnessed from the announcer’s booth, and reveals his favorite memories of Equine Affaire and Fantasia. We wish Dave well in his retirement and look forward to seeing him again soon!

Episode 6 (October 2020): In this episode, renowned liberty trainers Dan James & Elizabeth James share insights into the exciting discipline of liberty. Together, Elizabeth & Dan founded the International Liberty Horse Association, which provides liberty enthusiasts with an opportunity to share their passions and participate in exciting competitions. Equine Affaire is looking forward to hosting an ILHA competition in 2021. To learn more about ILHA and its competitions, visit libertyhorseassociation.com.

Episode 5 (September 2020): In this episode Pat Kelly, founder and CEO of Ebony Horsewomen, Inc, shares how equine-assisted psychotherapy and equine-assisted learning can benefit youth, individuals, and veterans. Ebony Horsewomen, Inc, is based in Hartford, Connecticut, and provides a comprehensive, equine-based education to its program participants with the goal of creating conscientious community leaders. Ebony Horsewomen, Inc, will participate in A Horse for Heroes in the 2021 Equine Affaire in Massachusetts by hosting an equine-assisted psychotherapy demo for veterans and first responders. This episode also includes a word with one of our sponsors, Jill Siragusa of Horizon Structures. Learn more about Pat Kelly and Ebony Horsewomen at ebonyhorsewomen.us and Horizon Structures at horizonstructures.com

Episode 4 (August 2020): In this episode, listen to special guest Valerie Taylor, executive director of the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries, discuss the Adoption Affaire with host Allison Rehnborg. GFAS is a non-profit group that certifies animal sanctuaries, rescue centers, and rehabilitation centers all over the world. GFAS also helped facilitate the adoption of multiple horses at the 2019 Equine Affaire in Massachusetts. Valerie & Allison discuss the Adoption Affaire and how it helps connect healthy, adoptable horses with their new forever homes.

Episode 3 (July 2020): Special guest and renowned horseman Jonathan Field chats with Allison about his experiences with Equine Affaire, shares his best tips for how guests can get the most out of Equine Affaire, and provides an inside look at what it’s like for clinicians and riders to participate in Equine Affaire’s Ride with a Pro program. The episode concludes with a word from one of Equine Affaire’s sponsors, GGT Footing.

Episode 2 (June 2020): Versatile Horse & Rider Competition with champion Danelle Osinchuk and Tamara Shaw of VHRC sponsor Nutrena

Episode 1 (May 2020): Breed Pavilion with Misha Duvernoy of the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society
Episode 1: Equine Affaire in Ohio with Equine Affaire President Coagi LongEpisode 2: Versatile Horse & Rider Competition with competitor and champion Brenda HansonEpisode 3: Fantasia with performers Sylvia Zerbini and Ambra AndrineEpisode 4: Versatile Horse & Rider Competition with judge Jason IrwinEpisode 5: Ride With A Pro clinic program with renowned horsewoman Julie GoodnightEpisode 6: Time to Ride program with Rachael Cooper of the Ohio Haflinger AssociationEpisode 7: The Right Horse Initiative with Christie Schulte KappertEpisode 8: Ride With A Pro clinic program with featured clinician Chris CoxEpisode 9: Fantasia with Amy Cairy, of Fantasia sponsor AbsorbineEpisode 10: Ride With A Pro clinic program with participant Loretta Weber