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The Equine Affaire podcast is your inside look at everything to do with North America’s premiere equine exposition and equestrian gathering. In each episode, our host and a special guest explore a different aspect of Equine Affaire, from the Breed Pavilion to the Versatile Horse & Rider Competition and everything in between! The podcast is produced by WDLR Radio and hosted by Allison Rehnborg.


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Episode 6 (October 2020): In this episode, renowned liberty trainers Dan James & Elizabeth James share insights into the exciting discipline of liberty. Together, Elizabeth & Dan founded the International Liberty Horse Association, which provides liberty enthusiasts with an opportunity to share their passions and participate in exciting competitions. Equine Affaire is looking forward to hosting an ILHA competition in 2021. To learn more about ILHA and its competitions, visit libertyhorseassociation.com.


Episode 5 (September 2020): In this episode Pat Kelly, founder and CEO of Ebony Horsewomen, Inc, shares how equine-assisted psychotherapy and equine-assisted learning can benefit youth, individuals, and veterans. Ebony Horsewomen, Inc, is based in Hartford, Connecticut, and provides a comprehensive, equine-based education to its program participants with the goal of creating conscientious community leaders. Ebony Horsewomen, Inc, will participate in A Horse for Heroes in the 2021 Equine Affaire in Massachusetts by hosting an equine-assisted psychotherapy demo for veterans and first responders. This episode also includes a word with one of our sponsors, Jill Siragusa of Horizon Structures. Learn more about Pat Kelly and Ebony Horsewomen at ebonyhorsewomen.us and Horizon Structures at horizonstructures.com


Episode 4 (August 2020): In this episode, listen to special guest Valerie Taylor, executive director of the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries, discuss the Adoption Affaire with host Allison Rehnborg. GFAS is a non-profit group that certifies animal sanctuaries, rescue centers, and rehabilitation centers all over the world. GFAS also helped facilitate the adoption of multiple horses at the 2019 Equine Affaire in Massachusetts. Valerie & Allison discuss the Adoption Affaire and how it helps connect healthy, adoptable horses with their new forever homes.

Episode 3 (July 2020): Special guest and renowned horseman Jonathan Field chats with Allison about his experiences with Equine Affaire, shares his best tips for how guests can get the most out of Equine Affaire, and provides an inside look at what it’s like for clinicians and riders to participate in Equine Affaire’s Ride with a Pro program. The episode concludes with a word from one of Equine Affaire’s sponsors, GGT Footing.
Episode 2 (June 2020): Versatile Horse & Rider Competition with champion Danelle Osinchuk and Tamara Shaw of VHRC sponsor Nutrena
Episode 1 (May 2020): Breed Pavilion with Misha Duvernoy of the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society


Episode 1: Equine Affaire in Ohio with Equine Affaire President Coagi Long
Episode 2: Versatile Horse & Rider Competition with competitor and champion Brenda Hanson
Episode 3: Fantasia with performers Sylvia Zerbini and Ambra Andrine
Episode 4: Versatile Horse & Rider Competition with judge Jason Irwin
Episode 5: Ride With A Pro clinic program with renowned horsewoman Julie Goodnight
Episode 6: Time to Ride program with Rachael Cooper of the Ohio Haflinger Association
Episode 7: The Right Horse Initiative with Christie Schulte Kappert
Episode 8: Ride With A Pro clinic program with featured clinician Chris Cox
Episode 9: Fantasia with Amy Cairy, of Fantasia sponsor Absorbine
Episode 10: Ride With A Pro clinic program with participant Loretta Weber