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Congratulations to Our VHRC Competitors!

COLUMBUS, OH, April 15, 2023 — The 2023 Versatile Horse & Rider Competition took place yesterday in the US Equestrian Coliseum and what a show it was! We had twenty-five spectacular rides and saw a lot of excellent horsemanship and fine riding. Master of Ceremonies Jason Irwin performed his duties admirably, and judge Brad Barkemeyer did a fabulous job scoring our rides. Special thanks to our announcer, Noah Rattner, for musical contributions, and to our ring crew for set up and tear down!

First, we’d like to acknowledge that yesterday, at the end of the competition, there was a scoring malfunction and the placings that were announced and acknowledged at the event were incorrect. Equine Affaire would like to extend a formal apology to all of the riders who were affected by the scoring spreadsheet malfunction. We strive for excellence and accuracy in everything that we do, especially when it affects riders who give their all, and we deeply regret this mistake. Thank you for extending grace and patience to us in this situation, and our staff have worked hard to make things right with all involved.

And now, with no further ado, here are your official results for the 2023 Versatile Horse & Rider Competition in Ohio.

Congratulations to Franny Galvin-Hynes and Super Nova, her 7 year old Fjord-Quarter Horse mare, for a spectacular trip around the VHRC course. Franny has added another jewel to her crown with this run, because she and Super Nova were also the winners of the 2022 Massachusetts Versatile Horse & Rider Competition! Here’s a little bit more about your winning duo:

In 2017, Franny Galvin-Hynes made her first trip from her Canadian home to Equine Affaire in Ohio and, although she was only 15 at the time, she immediately determined she just had to compete in the Versatile Horse and Rider Competition one day. An 18 year old Franny was first accepted to compete in 2020, but like many others, she had to wait out the pandemic. She eventually got to compete for the first time in Ohio in 2022, where she and Super Nova were thrilled to finish in 6th place. Franny was very excited to be welcomed back to Equine Affaire last fall in MA, to meet up with her VHRC friends again, and then cap it off with her dream-come-true of taking home the VHRC 1st place ribbon with Super Nova.

Super Nova was a somewhat scruffy looking yearling when Franny first saw her, but she felt a connection, saw her potential, brought her home – and they’ve been a dynamic duo ever since. They’ve spent endless hours training together and competing as a team in extreme cowboy racing, team penning, ranch roping and western games, as well as enjoying long trail rides or local parades with their barn buddies. Sometimes they throw on their English tack for some hunter/jumper classes and fun on the local eventing courses, or leave the tack in the locker and practise their liberty work together.

Franny says, “Nova is a one in a million horse for me, I’ve never had a horse like her before. She’s always willing to try anything I ask, no matter what it is; we trust each other completely.”

A heartfelt congratulations to KRISTIN FOUTY and DUN GOT IT GOIN ON! This pair also put in the work and had a spectacular ride. “Boo” is an 18 year old American Paint Horse gelding. Here’s a little bit more about Kristin and her Boo:

Kristin and “Boo” have been together since 2007. Boo is a “been there and done that horse.” From open and 4-H shows to the ranch circuit, Kristin and Boo have tackled many disciplines, including pleasure, jumping, rodeo, and ranch. They’ve also earned a variety of champion and reserve champion titles from open and professional circuits, such as the American Ranch Horse Association and the Ranch Horse Association of Michigan. They placed in the top ten in the 2019 and 2022 VHRC.

Here are the rest of the placings with their official scores:

1. Franny Galvin Hynes and Super Nova. Score: 53.5
2. Kristin Fouty and Dun Got It Goin On. Score: 51
3. Wendy Montgomery and SF Distinguished Gentleman. Score: 50.5
4. Raymie Shoop and Miss N Bleach. Score: 50
5. Brenda Hanson and Ace. Score: 49
6. Dawn Chambers and Charge on Gunsmoke. Score: 48
7. Tammy Burgard and WR Classic Whiskey. Score: 47
8. Sidney Hawk and Zippo’s Blue Sky. Score: 44 (Tiebreaker: 9)
9. Dawn Chambers and MT Rowdy Coal. Score: 44 (Tiebreaker: 7.5)
10. Melinda Arnitsis and Bella Beretta. Score: 42.5
11. April Baronas and I Can’t Eeven. Score: 42
12. Tammy Burgard and Nada Snow. Score: 40.5
13. Franny Galvin-Hynes and Aspen’s Wild Grove. Score: 40
14. Miranda Roesel and Shamrock. Score: 39 (Tiebreaker: 9.5)
15. Raymie Shoop and Sweet Hollywood Star. Score: 39 (Tiebreaker: 7.5)
16. Amanda Malone and Turbo. Score: 37
17. Dessie Shepherd and Paris. Score: 35
18. Alexis O’Neal and Pepper. Score: 31.5
19. Robin Ball and Bentley. Score: 24
20. Brittany Buchanan and Creme De Motion. Score: 23
21. Anya Emmons and High Stylin Bobcat. Timed Out.
22. Mike Cassedy and Wakiyan. Timed Out.
23. Marissa Wooton and Flo Dunnit Again. Timed Out.
24. Matt Keefe and Blue Moon Jr Cash. Timed Out.
25. Olivia Giufrrida and Tiny. Timed Out.

Congratulations to ALL of our riders! We look forward to this fall, when the Versatile Horse & Rider Competition will return to Springfield, Massachusetts, for the 2023 Equine Affaire in Massachusetts. If you’re interested in applying to ride there, materials will be posted on our website later in the year. Stay tuned!

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