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Meet the 22 MA VHRC Competitors, Part 3

WEST SPRINGFIELD, MA, November 2, 2022 – The Versatile Horse & Rider Competition is coming back to Equine Affaire in Massachusetts and we can’t wait! As part of our preparations, we’re introducing you to all 25 horse and rider pairs that will be competing in this year’s competition. If you missed the first two posts, click here and check them out! Then come back to meet our next fabulous few contenders.

Sponsored by Nutrena, the Versatile Horse & Rider Competition will take place in the US Equestrian Arena in the coliseum at the Eastern States Exposition on Friday, November 11, from 1 to 5 pm. Riders will traverse our obstacle course and race the clock to see who will win the title of the 2022 Massachusetts Versatile Horse & Rider champions.

Every obstacle is designed to test communication between horse and rider as well as each competitor’s horsemanship skills and athletic prowess. Their efforts will be evaluated by our celebrity judge, Scott Purdum; narrated by our emcee, Steve Lantvit; and applauded by an audience of excited fans.

The champions will win $2,500 in cash and a champion rosette, while reserve, third, and fourth will take home rosettes and cash prizes of $1,500, $1,000, and $500, respectively. Fifth through tenth will take home rosettes.

Ready to meet the next four competitors for this year?

Rob West and Moonshine Lady, 11 year old Mustang mare

Moonshine and Rob have been together since 2016, ever since the mare was gathered from the wild and the pair competed in the Extreme Mustang Makeover in Virginia. They placed fifth. After that, they embarked on a great adventure (#MissionMoonshine)! Rob and Moonshine have competed in many events, encountered many trails, swum in the ocean, and represented Mustangs at the famous Hampton Classic Horse Show. Rob says, “Moonshine is truly my best friend, and she will be with me my whole life or hers.”

Anya Emmons and High Stylin’ Bobcat, 3 year old American Quarter Horse mare

Anya and “Peep” first met in October of 2021 and fell in love at first sight. Anya had been searching for a young horse to begin her training career, and when she met Peep, she knew he would be perfect. Almost a year later, they’ve developed a strong bond and trust in each other and are looking forward to competing together in the VHRC.

Although she’s just beginning her career as a performance horse trainer, Anya has been riding since she was 6 years old and enjoys riding in reined cow horse.

Lisa Doyle and Dagger L.S.F, 13 year old Friesian gelding

Lisa and “Harry” are a dynamic duo that bring plenty of flash and style to the VHRC. They’ve competed multiple times since 2019, including earning eighth place in the 2022 Ohio event. In addition to versatility, the pair participate in team penning and sorting, ranch riding, trail competitions, and parades.

“Our goal has been to show that Friesian horses are not just beautiful, but are adaptable and versatile enough to do much more than just dressage and showing,” Lisa says. “We love bringing the Friesian horse experience to everyone. Our goal for this year is to hopefully hit the top 5 in the competition. We have been told by other competitors every year that we are their favorites to watch compete, and as we always hear that we get style points!”

Logan DeCourcey and Cletus, 14 year old American Quarter Horse gelding

Logan and Cletus are new to the competition world and to each other – they’ve only been together for six months! Cletus is an ex-roping horse and Logan has been teaching him “the ropes” of flat work and versatility. The pair hail from Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Are you excited yet? We’ve got ten more competitors to introduce to you before November 11th gets here. Watch this page for all the updates, then plan on attending the Versatile Horse and Rider Competition in West Springfield, Massachusetts, on November 11th, from 1-5 pm in the US Equestrian Arena in the coliseum, to see who will win!



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Meet the 22 MA VHRC Competitors, Part 2

WEST SPRINGFIELD, MA, October 31, 2022 – Sponsored by Nutrena, the Versatile Horse & Rider Competition returns this fall to the coliseum at the Eastern States Exposition on Friday, November 11, from 1 to 5 pm. This year, 25 horse and rider pairs will traverse our obstacle course and race the clock to see who will win the title of the 2022 Massachusetts Versatile Horse & Rider champions.

Every obstacle is designed to test communication between horse and rider as well as each competitor’s horsemanship skills and athletic prowess. Their efforts will be evaluated by our celebrity judge, Scott Purdum; narrated by our emcee, Steve Lantvit; and applauded by an audience of excited fans.

The champions will win $2,500 in cash and a champion rosette, while reserve, third, and fourth will take home rosettes and cash prizes of $1,500, $1,000, and $500, respectively. Fifth through tenth will take home rosettes.

We introduced our first five competitors here. Ready to meet the next five?

Olivia Giuffrida and Tiny, 8 year old Clydesdale cross mare

Olivia has owned Tiny for three years. When the pair first came together, they were starting from scratch. Olivia says she didn’t have a clear direction for their journey together, but it was clear that they both liked trying new things and learning together. Three years later, they’re excited to be competing in the VHRC because versatility is one of the disciplines they enjoy most.

Danielle Gauvin and Put A Little Pep In Your Step, 18 year old American Quarter Horse gelding

For more than nine years, Danielle and “Pep” have done everything together, from simple trail rides, ponying horses, an introduction to mounted cowboy shooting, barrel runs, western games, visiting nursing homes during COVID, hunters/jumpers, and eventing. Pep is a very willing mount who will always give his all and then some. With every new thing, Pep always exceeds expectations. Together, Danielle and Pep have many barrel racing accomplishments including their most recent title as 2022 Woodstock Fair Barrel Classic Champions, as well as their accomplishments in past years, including being the Woodstock Barrel Classic Champions for the last 7 years, multiple years qualifying for state championships in their barrel runs, and qualifying for the world show in barrel racing. Last year, Danielle and Pep had their first attempt at the Equine Affaire Versatile Horse Competition and were ribboned winners. This year, they are hoping to come back and show what they have learned and worked on in the last year to improve their versatility.

Denise Spender and Oliver, 7 year old Thoroughbred gelding

Denise Spender and Oliver hail from Coventry, Rhode Island. They’ve been together for four years and enjoy riding in both English and Western disciplines.

Carolyn Weeks and Mr Spoc, 10 year old Mustang gelding

Carolyn and Mr. Spoc have been together for the last eight years, competing in various horse events, camping, trail riding, and driving. Carolyn, who’s also a barefoot trimmer, a barn manager, and a school bus driver, says Mr. Spoc is one of the sweetest horses she has ever worked and that he has a great sense of humor and a desire to please. Carolyn has been working with horses since she was seventeen years old and learned how to trim and train when she was in her mid-twenties.

Nichole Grunert and Passing In Style, a 20 year old Thoroughbred gelding

Nichole discovered “Portobello” at a barn near her home. He was a rescue from an auction and covered in fungus – which is exactly how he got his name. They’ve been together for thirteen years now and have participated in myriad disciplines, including gymkhanas, dressage, Western pleasure, equitation, and hunter classes. Together, Nichole and Portobello earned many high point overall grand/reserve championships, have placed fourth in a previous VHRC, and have shown in the Hampton Classic Horse Show. In 2021, Nichole nearly lost Portobello to a foramen entrapment colic, but he’s made a full recovery.

“This was our first year back to showing together and he has done nothing but give his all,” Nichole says. “This horse is my diamond in the [rough], and I am forever grateful to call him mine.”

Are you excited yet? We’ve got fifteen more competitors to introduce to you before November 11th gets here. Watch this page for all the updates, then plan on attending the Versatile Horse and Rider Competition in West Springfield, Massachusetts, on November 11th, from 1-5 pm in the US Equestrian Arena in the coliseum, to see who will win!


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Meet the 22 MA VHRC Competitors, Part 1

WEST SPRINGFIELD, MA, October 24, 2022 – Equine Affaire’s most exciting feature challenge, the Versatile Horse & Rider Competition, returns this fall to the coliseum at the Eastern States Exposition on Friday, November 11! Every year, dozens of horsemen and horsewomen apply to compete in the VHRC, and every year, we narrow it down to 25 competitors. This year’s class of daring horsemen and horsewomen will race the clock and each other to complete an exciting course of obstacles. Every obstacle is designed to test communication between horse and rider as well as each competitor’s horsemanship skills and athletic prowess. Their efforts will be evaluated by our celebrity judge, Scott Purdum; narrated by our emcee, Steve Lantvit; and applauded by an audience of excited fans! Twenty-five horses and riders will compete, but only one pair will earn the title of the 2022 Massachusetts Versatile Horse & Rider Champions and the grand prize of $2,500 in cash and a champion rosette. Reserve, third, and fourth will take home rosettes and cash prizes of $1,500, $1,000, and $500, respectively; fifth through tenth will take home rosettes.

Ready to meet the first five competitors for this year?

April Baronas and I Can’t Eeven, 7 year old Mustang mare

April Baronas hails from Attleboro, MA. This year, she’ll be competing on I Can’t Eeven, or Eevee, a Mustang from the Little Owyhee HMA in Nevada. Eevee is owned by Carole Mayer and has been trained by April. April has been riding Eevee for four years, competing in trail, obstacles, dressage, and hunter/jumper classes in Open and adult divisions and at training level. In Eevee’s first show season, the pair earned many top ten placings at local, regional, and national virtual shows. They’ve gone on to win many other awards and accolades in their time together.

Eevee is the first “green project” that April has ever taken part in, and she describes her time with the mare as “a journey of growth for both of us.” April has competed in the VHRC four different times previously, and she’s excited for the chance to compete on a horse that she has trained and guided herself with the ultimate goal of taking her to Equine Affaire.

Melanie Davidson and Willow, 18 year old Haflinger mare

Melanie and Willow are jills-of-all-trades. Melanie wasn’t looking to buy a horse, but a friend mentioned needing help with a new pony. After working with Willow for six months, the pair became an inseparable team. Now together for five years, they’ve dabbled in almost every discipline together and have enjoyed jumping, fox hunting, trail riding, gymkhana, drill team, mounted shooting, dressage, and more. Melanie and Willow have also performed in many reenactments and cavalry demos with swords, lances, pistols, and bow and arrows. Willow has even pulled cannons and carts.

“There are not many horses I’d call bombproof, but Willow is the closest. She will go over, under, and through anything I point her at without hesitation,” Melanie says.

Megan Harmon and Doc Highbrow Dually, 9 year old American Quarter Horse gelding

From Windham, Maine, Megan and “Dually” have been a team for the last three years. They compete in Western Dressage, ranch riding, and versatility events, and also enjoy beach rides and trail riding. Dually has a huge personality and enjoys scratches, begging for snacks (his favorite is salt & vinegar chips). and playing with his plastic barrels or his Mega Jolly Ball. He’s a little horse with a whole lot of heart and always gives his best try at whatever Megan asks of him. Megan says he’s the absolute best partner she could ever ask for.

Franny Galvin-Hynes and Super Nova, 6 year old Fjord-Quarter Horse mare

Franny Galvin-Hynes has been riding since she could walk, training horses since she was twelve, and has won multiple championships in Ontario Extreme Cowboy and at Kentucky’s Retired Racehorse Project in competitive trail, show jumper, and ranch work. She’s competed successfully in several TIP Mustang Challenges, loves to ride in local hunter/jumper shows and Western games, enjoys trail riding with friends, and this summer, started learning team penning and ranch roping.

Super Nova is a 6-year-old Fjord-Quarter Horse who came to Franny as a somewhat scruffy yearling – but Franny saw her potential and they’ve been a dynamic duo ever since. Last summer, they hit the Ontario Extreme Cowboy circuit for their first full season and finished the year as Maturity Champions. This summer, they decided to give Ranch Roping a try and found it’s a very good fit – they have wins in the open class and teamed up to win a Cowboy Relay Challenge Buckle!

Franny first made the trip from Canada to Equine Affaire over five years ago and knew immediately she had to compete in the Versatile Horse and Rider competition one day. She made that dream come true earlier this year in Ohio, placing 6th overall with her beloved Super Nova, and is back this fall to move their names up the leaderboard!

Kendra Gorham and Drummers Tango, 20 year old American Paint Horse mare

Seven years ago, Kendra had to euthanize her heart horse. Heartbroken, she decided she was never going to own another horse again – and then “Tango” waltzed into her life. Then just thirteen years old, Tango, a fiery, smart, and strong little mare, proved to be exactly what the doctor ordered. Kendra purchased Tango as a wedding gift to herself and embarked on a whole new journey of love and trust with her new horse.

Although Tango is twenty years old this year, Kendra says she’s still shining in the show ring, has the heart of a winner, and never, ever stops trying. Kendra is thankful to have the chance to ride in this year’s competition with her beloved Tango.

Are you excited yet? We’ve got twenty more competitors to introduce to you before November 11th comes around and every one of them has an amazing story to tell! Watch this page for all the updates, then plan on attending the Versatile Horse and Rider Competition in West Springfield, Massachusetts, on November 11th, from 1-5 pm in the US Equestrian Arena in the coliseum, to see who will win!


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WEST SPRINGFIELD, MA, October 18, 2022 – It’s almost time for Equine Affaire, and that means you should start planning your visit to North America’s premier equine exposition and equestrian gathering! Whether it’s your first time or your fifteenth time to join us in Massachusetts, this handy trail guide is the perfect handbook to help you plan your trip from beginning to end. Get the most out of your visit to this year’s Equine Affaire by learning tips and tricks for enjoying your visit; links to all the latest info about the event; plenty of answers to our most frequently asked questions; and, of course, an insider’s guide to what to see, where to go, and what to do for each day of the event.


Equine Affaire will take place at the Eastern States Exposition on November 10-13, 2022. The Eastern States Exposition is located at 1305 Memorial Ave in beautiful W. Springfield, Massachusetts. Hours for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are from 9 am-7 pm (EST), and for Sunday, from 9 am-5 pm (EST). Single day tickets and four-day passes for Equine Affaire are available for purchase here: https://equineaffaire.com/events/massachusetts/mass-attend/mass-tickets/.

All attendees should access the event via Gate 9. The Eastern States Exposition charges for parking, so be prepared to pay the parking attendants promptly when you arrive. Also, please leave your pets at home! We cannot allow any pets in any of the buildings, except for service dogs wearing the appropriate service vests.

Need more information? Click here: https://equineaffaire.com/events/massachusetts/mass-attend/mass-locationevent-hours/.

QUICK TIP: If you plan to come multiple days or would like to enter and leave repeatedly on the same day, purchase a parking pass from the ESE! Parking passes will be available for purchase from the parking attendants at the gate.

FAQ: When can I arrive to park on site? You can arrive and park as early as you wish, but the doors to all the exhibit buildings will remain locked until 9 am.


Equine Affaire has negotiated room blocks and special discount rates at several hotels near the event. To receive the special rate, make sure to mention Equine Affaire when you call! Room blocks and discounted rates expire throughout October, so book early. See our list of host hotels here: https://www.equineaffaire.com/events/Massachusetts/mass-attend/host-hotels/

Want to camp? Camping is available on site at the ESE. There is no advance registration. The campgrounds will open to the public at 5:00 pm (EST) on Wednesday, November 9. You can call (413) 737-2443 for more information about camping. Learn more here: https://equineaffaire/com/events/massachusetts/mass-attend/mass-campinglodging/

QUICK TIP: All our host hotels are listed in order of distance from the event here (https://www.equineaffaire.com/events/Massachusetts/mass-attend/host-hotels/) and that page also includes room block expiration dates, so make sure to bookmark it!


Fantasia is Equine Affaire’s musical celebration of the horse, featuring exciting performances by some of the nation’s top equine and equestrian performers. Designed to showcase the beauty, athleticism, and grace of the horse, this extraordinary nighttime show takes place only on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights during Equine Affaire in the Coliseum. The doors open at 6:45 pm and the show starts promptly at 7:30 pm. Fantasia requires separate tickets, and tickets sell quickly, so buy yours today! You can purchase Fantasia tickets online at https://equineaffaire.com/events/massachusetts/mass-attend/mass-tickets/ or by calling our office at (740) 845-0085, M-F, 9 am-5 pm (EST).

QUICK TIP: Make sure to stay after the event for a special autograph signing session! All the performers come back out into the arena after the show to sign postcards and programs.

FAQ: Do I need to separate purchase tickets for Equine Affaire and Fantasia? Yes, you need to purchase general admission tickets to access Equine Affaire’s daytime activities and a separate ticket to attend Fantasia. However, if you arrive after 6:30 pm EST to attend Fantasia, you will not have to purchase a general admission ticket to Equine Affaire.


Whether you love to ride, jump, vault, participate in drill teams, spin and stop, work cows, perform liberty, drive, learn about horse health care and husbandry, or dozens of other things, there’s a clinic, seminar, or demonstration available for you! Equine Affaire has a top-notch educational program that’s filled with speakers and presenters who are dedicated, passionate, and at the top of their game – so if information about horses is what you seek, information about horses is what you’ll get! Check out our schedule and presenters at this link to find the best clinics to attend for you and your area of interest: https://equineaffaire.com/events/massachusetts/educational-program/mass-presenters/.

QUICK TIP: Many of our presenters will have booths in the trade show, and others are happy to answer quick questions or give brief tips after their clinics or seminars are over. The best questions to ask (according to our presenters) are short and sweet, with minimal background info, so try to keep your visit brief and to the point!

FAQ: How can I ride in a clinic at Equine Affaire?
Equine Affaire’s Ride with a Pro clinic program is a popular and affordable way to ride with and learn from one of your idols at Equine Affaire! Applications are available online starting in July and the deadline to apply is typically in early September. Learn more about Ride with a Pro here: https://equineaffaire.com/events/massachusetts/mass-participate/mass-ride-in-clinics/mass-ride-with-a-pro/.


Equine Affaire is proud to be the gateway to the horse industry for many beginners! If you don’t know anything about horses, you’ve come to the right place. Start your visit at the Equine Fundamentals Forum in the Mallary South complex. The EFF features educational exhibits about horses, horse health, horse management, equine anatomy, and lots of hands-on activities, such as a mane and tail braiding station, an educational skeleton display, and lots more. There’s also a demo ring where horse-savvy experts will be hosting demonstrations on fundamental topics all day, every day, so there’s plenty to see and do and learn. We also suggest visiting the Breed Pavilion, where you can learn about breeds of horses from breed representatives, and touring the Horse & Farm Exhibits, where you can meet horsemen and horsewomen from a variety of local businesses and horse organizations. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

QUICK TIP: Make sure to stop by the Equine Affaire Information Booth and tell our friendly staff that you’re brand new to Equine Affaire and to horses in general. They’ll have extra tips and info for you to help get you started!


Equine Affaire is home to one of the nation’s largest horse-related trade shows. With hundreds of exhibitors spread out across multiple buildings, there are plenty of opportunities to kickstart your Christmas shopping season, fulfill wish lists for every horse lover in your family, or outfit your tack room with everything you need to train, feed, care for, or spoil every horse you own! Check out our list of vendors here (https://equineaffaire.com/events/massachusetts/mass-trade-show/mass-exhibitors/)!

Love shopping for bargains? Located in the Mallary South, the Marketplace at Equine Affaire is a consignment shop where people just like you can drop off their gently used equestrian items for sale, or browse for bargains among quality used equestrian goods. Learn more about consigning and shopping at the Marketplace here (https://equineaffaire.com/events/massachusetts/mass-participate/mass-sell/mass-marketplace/).

QUICK TIP: Many exhibitors host raffles at their booths during the show. Make sure to take business cards or little slips of paper pre-filled with your name, mailing address, and email addresses to make entering raffles quick and easy! You can find a list of all the exhibitors holding raffles in the event program, too. You never know what you might win! (And for that matter, don’t forget to enter Equine Affaire’s raffle online: https://equineaffaire.com/events/massachusetts/mass-other-features/mass-free-raffle/)


There are two competitions taking place at Equine Affaire! First, the Versatile Horse & Rider Competition, sponsored by Nutrena, will take place on Friday, November 11, 2022, in the Coliseum. This exciting competition features horses and riders riding an obstacle course created to test communication between horse and rider, as well as each competitor’s horsemanship skills and athletic prowess. Riders are competing for $5,500 in cash and other prizes. It’s one exciting race! Check it out here: https://equineaffaire.com/events/massachusetts/mass-participate/mass-compete/mass-versatile-horse-rider-competition/ and bookmark this page for the future to learn more about applying to compete!

Next, the International Liberty Horse Association Invitational Freestyle, sponsored by EspanaSILK, is returning to Equine Affaire on Saturday, November 12th, and Sunday, November 13th. This competition showcases the amazing discipline of liberty and demonstrates all the ways horses and humans can communicate with each other with little or minimal tack. Learn more here: https://equineaffaire.com/events/massachusetts/mass-other-features/ilha-freestyle-invitational/!

FAQ: Is admittance to both competitions included with my general admission ticket? That’s correct. No extra tickets are required to attend the VHRC or the ILHA.


Visit the Breed Pavilion in the Stroh building, of course! The Breed Pavilion will showcase dozens of horse breeds and registries with origins in North America, Europe, and beyond. You can network with horse owners, research breeds, learn about national, regional, and local breed associations and their activities, and so much more. Association representatives will be on hand to provide helpful information and answer questions about their breeds and horses, and equines from miniatures to drafts and from stock horses to sport horses will be on exhibit and presented in hand for your consideration. Under saddle demonstrations of the breeds featured in the Breed Pavilion will also be conducted throughout the weekend in the main clinic arenas, offering you a chance to understand and appreciate the conformation, characteristics, and aptitudes of horses of different breeds.

After you’re done in the Breed Pavilion, take a stroll through C-barn and visit the Horse and Farm Exhibits. You can chat with barn and equine business owners, visit with industry professionals offering horses for sale, learn about rescues and sanctuaries, meet horses up for adoption, and plenty more. You might even see performers or clinicians getting ready for a demo or clinic or preparing for their turn in Fantasia.

Are you a veteran? Check out the Equine Immersion Project at Equine Affaire. We’ve partnered with the EIP to offer A Horse for Heroes, where veterans and first responders can experience the benefits of equine-assisted therapies and activities. This activity will take place only on Friday, November 11 – Veterans Day! You can learn more here: https://equineaffaire.com/events/massachusetts/mass-other-features/a-horse-for-heroes/.

QUICK TIP: Ask all the questions! Our exhibitors love to share and showcase their equestrian experiences. Make sure to ask for business cards or pamphlets, too, especially if you’re interested in taking lessons, purchasing a horse, or asking for training services.


Equine Affaire is a great place to take kids of all ages, especially horse-crazy ones. The Equine Fundamentals Forum has lots of fun activities, including an arts and crafts project, a fun stick rodeo (3 pm daily!), and a purple mechanical pony.

For young adults prepping for college, check out the College & Career Fair Scavenger Hunt, which combines education and tips for pursuing an equine-related career with a fun scavenger hunt that encourages participants to network with equine businesses and colleges and meet new people (plus, the chance to win prizes!).

Equine Affaire has also partnered with Ebony Horsewomen, Inc., of Hartford, Connecticut, to offer youth the opportunity to interact with horses and experience the fun of equine-assisted activities and therapies. Horses That Heal will feature unmounted activities on Saturday, November 12. You can sign up on site in the barn office in C-Barn!

The Interscholastic Equestrian Association is offering an intensive dressage judge’s clinic on Thursday, November 10. Formatted to review items from a judge’s perspective, this clinic will explore the dressage discipline in the IEA show format. IEA is a nonprofit organization that promotes and improves the quality of equestrian competition and instruction for middle and secondary school students. Best of all, kids don’t have to own a horse to compete with IEA! Learn more about IEA by attending the clinic at Equine Affaire.


Yes! You can learn more about how to volunteer, exhibit, advertise, or participate with Equine Affaire in the future by visiting www.equineaffaire.com.


If you have more questions or need to get in touch with our staff, there are plenty of ways to reach out to us! Bookmark our website (www.equineaffaire.com), follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @equineaffaire, or call our office at (740) 845-0085, 9:00am-5:00pm EST (M-F). We can’t wait to see you at Equine Affaire!

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09 21


WEST SPRINGFIELD, MA, September 21, 2022 – Do chicken mansions really exist? Are there horses who thrive in swampy conditions (and still manage to have great feet)? Can equine-assisted therapy really help you cope with trauma? If you’ve listened to the most recent episode of the official Equine Affaire podcast, you’d already know the answers to these questions – and more!

This month, Equine Affaire’s blended episode of Horses in the Morning on the Horse Radio Network features interviews with three key participants of the upcoming 2022 Equine Affaire in Massachusetts. Sponsored by Horizon Structures, the September episode gives listeners a glimpse of some special guests that will appear in the Breed Pavilion, the trade show, and in A Horse for Heroes, a special event feature taking place on Veterans Day. This fall’s Equine Affaire will take place on November 10-13, 2022, at the Eastern States Exposition in West Springfield, Massachusetts.

“In this episode, we really wanted to highlight the diversity of everything we have to offer at our event,” said Allison Rehnborg, who co-hosts the show with Glenn Hebert of the Horse Radio Network. “That’s why this month’s guests all represent several different parts of the expo.”

The episode’s first interview is with Pamela Landskroener, owner of Lazy Dog Acres in Maryland. A member of the Carolina Marsh Tacky Association, Landskroener breeds, trains, shows, and sells Marsh Tackies. This fall, she’ll be bringing two of her horses to exhibit in the Breed Pavilion at Equine Affaire and help spread awareness about the breed, which is listed as critically endangered and worthy of further study on the Equus Survival Trust’s 2022 Equine Global Conservation List.

Next, Jill Siragusa – chief marketing officer for Horizon Structures – called in to catch up with Glenn and Allison and share about how horse owners can order custom structures for their farm or home from the company. Horizon Structures is a proud sponsor of Equine Affaire as well as the title sponsor of this month’s episode. Based out of Atglen, Pa., Horizon Structures sells high quality prefabricated structures made by the Amish in the United States. Whether you’re in the market for horse barns, dog kennels, outdoor living spaces, chicken coops (yes, including chicken mansions!), kids’ playsets, or greenhouses, Horizon Structures and their crews can design, build, deliver, and assemble the structure of your dreams. Want to see their products for yourself? Come to Equine Affaire and check out some examples of their work on site at the ESE.

The third segment of the show featured a special interview with Tara Mahoney, CEO, and Ryan Casavant, COO, of the Equine Immersion Project. The Equine Immersion Project’s mission is to support service members and their families through the power of horses by offering equine-assisted therapies and activities. Through these activities, participants can learn coping strategies, interpersonal skills, mindfulness, leadership skills, empathy, and more. This fall, the EIP is bringing its services to Equine Affaire to minister to veterans, military, and first responders with an interactive activity on Friday, November 11 – Veterans Day. Mahoney will also be presenting demonstrations about how horses can help first responders and military. To learn more about the work of the EIP, listen to this valuable interview – then learn more at equineimmersionproject.com.

Ready to listen? Here’s how to catch this episode (plus past and future episodes) of the Equine Affaire podcast collaboration with Horses in the Morning. The Equine Affaire episodes air on the third Thursday of the month.

  • Visit equineaffaire.com/home/podcast, or
  • Open your favorite podcast player (Google Play, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or Spotify) and search for “Horses In The Morning,” or
  • Download the Horse Radio Network App & click “Horses In The Morning,” or
  • Jump on HorsesInTheMorning.com, scroll down, and look for our episode!

Interested in advertising on the Equine Affaire podcast? Contact Allison Rehnborg at arehnborg@equineaffaire.com today! Your company name, logo, and commercials could become a part of the Equine Affaire episodes of Horses in the Morning. With over 3,000 episodes produced, Horses in the Morning is the perfect avenue for reaching an audience filled with horse people.

Equine Affaire is an exciting and affordable horse exposition filled with fun activities suitable for families, kids, and equestrians and horseback riders of all ages. General admission tickets include entry to the largest equine-related trade shows in the country; numerous theme pavilions, exhibits, and special activities; multiple horse competitions; and all horse clinics, seminars, and demonstrations. Separate tickets are required for Fantasia, Equine Affaire’s musical celebration of the horse! Sponsored by Absorbine®, Fantasia is an evening show boasting a variety of performances by elite equestrian and equine performers. Tickets for Equine Affaire and Fantasia in Massachusetts are available now at equineaffaire.com.

To learn more about our event, visit our website (www.equineaffaire.com), follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @equineaffaire, or call our office at (740) 845-0085, 9:00am-5:00pm EST (M-F). We’ll see you at Equine Affaire!

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