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Market, Sell and Consign at the 2018 Equine Affaire

LONDON, OH, February 12, 2018— Equine Affaire returns to the Ohio Expo Center in Columbus on April 12-15, 2018, and brings with it terrific opportunities for horse people to sell, consign, market, and conduct business. Equine Affaire enjoys a well-deserved reputation nationwide for its unparalleled educational program, trade show, and equestrian entertainment, but the event also serves the horse community by providing horse people with easy and affordable ways to conduct horse-related business—to sell horses, to market their stallions and farms, and to turn their unwanted tack, apparel, and other equine items into cash. Virtually all horse owners have something to sell or promote—and Equine Affaire is an affordable and effective place to get the job done.

Consign at The Marketplace at Equine Affaire.  You can buy what you and your horse need and sell what you don’t at The Marketplace, Equine Affaire’s full-service consignment shop. Where else can you find more potential buyers for your unwanted horse and rider items while also enjoying the ultimate horse-related educational program and equestrian shopping experience than the largest horse expo in North America?

Let the staff at The Marketplace display and sell your tack, apparel, and other equine-related items to customers who will be able to see your items first hand and make their purchases on site. Equine Affaire’s staff will take care of selling your consignments (at prices that you set) while you enjoy all that Equine Affaire has to offer—and then pay you in cash for sales made at the event. With cash in hand, you’ll have additional spending power to shop bargains at the Marketplace and new merchandise at Equine Affaire’s unsurpassed trade show. The consignment process is easy, and consignment fees at the Marketplace are lower than those at other consignment venues in the region!

The Marketplace is now in its sixth year and is well established as a great place to both sell and shop for tack, riding apparel, and plenty of other horse-related items.  The store will be located in the Voinovich Livestock & Trade Center where you can drive up to the west side of the building to drop off or pick up heavier items. The Marketplace will be open for sales throughout the four days of Equine Affaire. Purchases may be made in cash or by credit card, and Equine Affaire will take care of collecting and paying sales taxes on consignment sales.

Market your farm, stable, stallion, or boarding, training, and breeding facility. You can complement your online marketing campaign for your facility or stallion by exhibiting at Equine Affaire and meeting with potential customers in person. Located in the Ohio Expo Center’s extensive Gilligan Complex, Equine Affaire’s Horse & Farm Exhibits is an area dedicated to the promotion of horse farms, training facilities, lesson facilities, breeding stallions, and horses for sale. The Horse & Farm Exhibits area is where horse owners, stable / farm owners, and horse service providers connect in person with customers who are interested in all breeds of horses and a variety of equestrian disciplines.

The Horse & Farm Exhibits stalls will be featured in the northeast section of the Gilligan Complex—the stalls that receive the best traffic flow because of their proximity to the clinic venues, trade show, and other important features of the show. The fee for each 10 x 10 inline exhibit stall for three-four days is $150, end/corner stalls on the outer aisles of the barn are $200, and an end/corner stall on the main aisle of the barn is $175.00. The rental of each exhibit stall includes one four-day pass to Equine Affaire (a $50 value), and each Horse & Farm exhibitor receives a one-line listing of stall number, farm name, breed of horse, and phone number or web site address in the free event program.

Sell your horse(s) at Equine Affaire.  Yes, you have multiple ways to sell the horses you no longer want, but finding the right buyer at the right price at Equine Affaire just might be quicker, easier, and more profitable. You can rent a 10 x 10 “For Sale” stall in the Horse & Farm Exhibits area to occupy for two-four days for just $150.  Each stall rental includes one four-day pass to Equine Affaire (a $50 value), a “For Sale” sign to post on the stall and a free listing pre-event on equineaffaire.com that will provide your horse’s breed, age, gender, name, discipline, price, photo, and stall location. Showcase your horse in person to tens of thousands of potential customers in just four days!

For information on The Marketplace, the Horse & Farm Exhibits, the “For Sale” stalls and everything that Equine Affaire has to offer, visit equineaffaire.com, select the Ohio event, and follow the appropriate links. You may also contact our staff of dedicated horse people for personal assistance.  For information on the Marketplace contact Alyssa Justus at ajustus@equineaffaire.com or (740) 845-0085 ext 101; for assistance with the Horse & Farm Exhibits and “For Sale” stalls, contact Karin Brennan at kbrennan@equineaffaire.com or call (740) 845-0085 ext 112.

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