2021 virtual Equine affaire in Ohio faq’s


Why Isn’t the 2021 Equine Affaire in Columbus being held in-person?

Equine Affaire would truly love to hold this spring’s event in-person However, the Ohio Expo Center is being utilized as a COVID testing and vaccine distribution site and is, therefore, unavailable for us to rent. Current health regulations also still limit the number of people permitted at indoor gatherings, and this number is much lower than the number of people Equine Affaire attracts as participants and attendees. We are optimistic that health regulations will continue to loosen in the coming months and that we’ll be able to safely resume our in-person events again in the near future. In the meantime, we hope you will enjoy the digital experience we have compiled, and that you will support our exhibitors through their online stores until we can bring everyone together again on site.


Why not move to another venue?

Producing an Equine Affaire event requires a facility that can provide for and cater to the many needs and features that make Equine Affaire the unique event that it is. Planning for each event starts more than a year in advance and includes coordinating a multitude of logistics to make each event come together. It’s simply not easy to pick up and move to another facility on a short time frame and still deliver the top-notch professional presentation and experience our attendees and participants are accustomed to. The health and safety of all involved is also of utmost priority, and while there are signs that the pandemic is beginning to become under control, health regulations still prevent an indoor in-person gathering such as Equine Affaire from taking place at the current time.


Is the virtual event free?

Yes, the virtual Equine Affaire is free to attend! No tickets or advance registration needed.


Do I need tickets for the 2021 Virtual Equine Affaire?

No, you do not need tickets to enjoy the virtual Equine Affaire. Simply click on the “Virtual Event Access Link,” enter your contact information and then you will be provided with complimentary access to the virtual Equine Affaire.


Will your future events be in person?

We can’t wait to bring everyone together again and are optimistically looking forward to returning to hosting an in-person event on November 11-14, 2021 in W. Springfield, MA, and in Columbus, OH, on April 7-10, 2022, as long as health regulations continue to loosen and allow us to do so. Stay tuned to our web site and social media for further updates at equineaffaire.com!

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