2020 Equine Affaire "Champions"

Equine Affaire extends a big THANK YOU to the following individuals who are championing the cause and have become “Equine Affaire Champions” by donating their ticket, exhibitor, or other participant fees and have invested in the future of Equine Affaire. We are truly grateful to all who support our events!



Kevin Adams

Cindy Adie

Kelly Alward

Beth Antenucci

Faithe Arden

Paul Ayres

Carrie Ball

Kelly Boisvert

Kate Brown

Becky Burnell

Susan Carulli

Kate Christie

Marilyn Clark

Valerie Crumbley

Kathleen Derr

Loretta Enterline

Pamela Farmer

Susan Fletcher

Jackie Fokes

Kristin Fouty

Natalie Gainer

Jayne & John Gaub

Jennifer Goulden

Jeffrey Grell

Deena Grimm

Norma Hanson

Helen Harrington

Nancy Harrison

Jeannie Hosey

Jessica Jaworske

Nancy Kissinger

Sandra Kollar

Kim Leigh

Jerry and Mary Linton

Lori McIntosh

Steven Loar

Kelley Madick

Timothy Marcin

Timothy McKeown

Meghan McMichael

Albert Murphy

Patricia Newton-Curran

Tamara Nichols-Pott

Danelle Osinchuk

Christina Palmer

Marjorie Parker

Lindsey Partridge

Tina Patterson

Kim Patton

Megan Perkins

Aimee Pierson

Judy Ramsey

Frank Reilly

Karen Reiter

Katie Rings

Bonnie Roe

Kimberly Rust

Beth Rutter

Martin Schwartz

Marlene Shirley

Adele Smith

Rhonda Snodgrass

Anora Snyder

Deborah Svoboda

Jessica Swick

Jeremy Tiller

Annette Tobin

Karen Towner

Shawn Tucker

Jennifer Varro

Monica Weaver

Angelina Wilson

Claire Witter

Karen Wynkoop

Janie Zell

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