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W. SPRINGFIELD, MA, November 11, 2023 — Sponsored by Chewy, the 2023 Versatile Horse & Rider Competition in Massachusetts was a fabulous hit on Friday, November 10. The event took place in the US Equestrian Arena and featured 25 hopefuls who competed for $5,500 in cash and other prizes over a challenging obstacle course that featured carrying a garrocha pole, a ground tying obstacle, a narrow bridge, a counter canter, a grain scoop toss, and more. Brittany Mayer of Cumberland, Rhode Island, took first and second place with her mounts, My Sharoana’s Time to Shine and Coppy That. Congratulations to Brittany on two splendid rides! As first place finisher, Brittany won $2,500 in cash, received a Champion rosette, and is the Equine Affaire Versatile Horse & Rider Champion. As second place finisher, she also won $1,500 and received a reserve champion rosette.

Third place finisher Rob West won $1,000 and a rosette on Moonshine Lady, while fourth place rider Scott Keyes won $500 and a rosette aboard KC.

Congratulations to all our competitors! Keep reading to learn more about Brittany and to see a full list of results and scores.

Brittany Mayer

First Place Horse: My Sharoana’s Time to Shine, 19 year old grade American Quarter Horse mare

Brittany is a trainer and a riding instructor from Cumberland, Rhode Island, and has competed in the Versatile Horse and Rider Competition three times. This would be her third time competing aboard “Roanie,” and her first time back with Roanie since 2017. Brittany and Roanie have been a team for more than 12 years and enjoy showing Western pleasure, ranch versatility and English pleasure. When she isn’t in the show ring with Brittany, Roanie is used as a lesson horse and as a confidence booster for young horses to be ponied.

Brittany Mayer

Second Place Horse: Coppy That, 8 year old Mustang mare

This is her second time to ride “Copper” in the event. Brittany has known Copper for three years, but has been working consistently with the horse for the last year and a half. They enjoy showing ranch classes at pinto shows, working cattle, trail riding, and jumping.


1. Brittany Mayer – My Sharoana’s Time to Shine – Score: 70
2. Brittany Mayer – Coppy That – Score: 60
3. Rob West – Moonshine Lady – Score: 53
4. Scott Keyes – KC – Score: 53
5. Susan Mallery – Ayel YES – Score: 50
6. Mackenzie Kunz – A Little Touch of Pine – Score: 46
7. Hilary Dorazio – One Smart Red Pine – Score: 46
8. Anya Emmons – High Stylin’ Bobcat – 45
9. Francis Veillette – YCC Sophia-Montana – 45
10. Olivia Giuffrida – Tiny – Score: 45
11. Cheyenne Vaillancourt – Just Gonna Send It – Score: 44
12. April Baronas – I Can’t Even – Score: 43
13. Christina Morin – JMF New York Windfall – Score: 40
14. Kayla O’Leary – Wildfire – Score: 37
15. Rob West – Ranger – Score: 35
16. Melanie Davidson – Willow – Score: 33
17. Amanda Malone – Turbo – Score: 33
18. Jessica Knapp – River of Dreams – Score: 31
19. Gina Lamb – Chocky – Score: 31
20. Danielle Gauvin – Put A Little Pep In Your Step – Score 28
21. Amanda Malone – Amora – Score: 20
22: Lily Germano – Super Star Express – Time Out
23. Jessica Hogan – Bandit – Time Out
24. Katie Kortright – Foxwillow’s Blue Angel – Time Out
25. Jason Wooldridge – Chili – Time Out

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