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Tips and Tricks for Maximizing Your Visit

WEST SPRINGFIELD, MA, November 5, 2022 — Within the past few weeks, we asked our Facebook audience to submit their favorite tips and tricks for making the most out of a visit to Equine Affaire. Whether this is your first visit or your fifth visit, you’ll want to check out this list of tips about shopping, learning, eating, attending Fantasia, and lots more! You might just learn something new that you can put to good use in just a few days when Equine Affaire returns to the Eastern States Exposition, November 10-13th, 2022!

1. Plan to come multiple days, especially Thursday! Thursdays are typically less crowded and vendors are fully stocked because it’s the start of the trade show. Many vendors are also happy to hold purchases for later pickup; just ask.

2. Make a list of your must-gets, your wants, and your wish-list before you start shopping.

3. Study the program. You’ll get a paper copy at the event, and a digital copy is available here!

4. Talk to the exhibitors and vendors. Ask questions! Find out what people have to offer and learn their stories.

5. Look at the schedule, plan your educational experiences, and take notes.

6. Ask the clinicians and presenters lots of questions. This is your chance to gain insights and knowledge from the best in the industry.

7. Look for the distribution tables at the entrances to the trade show buildings. The materials are free to take home.

8. Dress warmly and in layers. The buildings can be warm, but it may be cold, snowy, or rainy outside and you’ll need to go from building to building outdoors.

9. If you stay for Fantasia, take handwarmers and extra layers to keep from getting too chilly.

10. Bring a wheelie bag or an empty rolling suitcase and pack it with your souvenirs and purchases as you go.

11. Want to enter raffles or sign up for email lists? Bring address labels with your information already pre-printed. Easy peasy raffle entry! (And don’t forget to enter the free Equine Affaire raffle — online!)

12. Eat at “non-peak” times to avoid long lines at the food booths. Pick easy grab-and-go snacks and meals so you can walk and eat, or so you can carry it to a clinic and eat while you watch. You can also pack your lunch and eat in your car.

13. Use the event map to mark what booths you liked or want to return to later.

14. Hate carrying a purse? Use a zippered pocket to stash your wallet on your person.

15. Pack hand sanitizer, Kleenex, chapstick, and other necessities in a backpack or fanny pack so you always have what you need close at hand!

16. Want a delicious breakfast? Try Memo’s Restaurant.

17. Planning to purchase a pitchfork, salt block, or other heavy or awkward item? Buy your bulky items at the end of your visit.

18. Bring a raincoat or poncho in case of rain.

19. Make multiple passes through the trade shows – you never know what you might have missed the first time around.

20. Shop with family and friends so you can help each other look for items on everyone’s list.

21. Don’t miss the Consignment Shop. The Marketplace Consignment Shop is located in the Mallary South this year. Look for great deals on gently used horsey tack and items and check back throughout the weekend – people can drop off new items at any time.

22. Lose something or find something you think someone else lost? Stop by the Equine Affaire Information Booth in the Better Living Center and ask to check the Lost and Found log. And if you’ve got questions, our friendly EA staff will be in the booth all weekend and happy to help you. While you’re there, buy your Affaire Wear and rep your love for the event all weekend long.

Got a hot Equine Affaire tip you want to submit? Email arehnborg@equineaffaire.com!



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