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On Friday, April 8, 25 horse and rider pairs will enter the coliseum at the Ohio Expo Center to compete in the Versatile Horse and Rider Competition! This competition tests the partnership of a horse and rider as they navigate an obstacle course and race the clock. Competitors are judged on the horse’s attitude, the rider’s horsemanship, and the team’s overall performance. Times are translated into points, and points from each obstacle are totaled. The horse and rider team with the highest overall point score wins, and they’ll receive the honor of becoming the Versatile Horse and Rider Champions as well as a cash prize! Cash and other prizes will be awarded to the top four riders, while the top ten riders receive ribbons and prize packages. This year, all top ten riders will receive a special Farnam product prize package.

Ready to meet the final five talented competitors that will join the race at Equine Affaire?

Tammy Burgard

Horse: Whiskey, 10 year old mare

Tammy and Whiskey have been partners for ten years. In that time, they’ve advanced to Open level competition. Tammy has been Whiskey’s only trainer and they’ve won many championships at the state, regional, and national levels. Tammy says that Whiskey, who is blind in one eye, has a big heart and always gives 100% to any task.

Tammy and Whiskey


Kayla Schlabach

Horse: Highway Masquerade, 4 year old Gypsy Vanner gelding

“Masque” and Kayla have been a team since the summer of 2021. Kayla says Masque has a huge personality and loves interacting with people. They enjoy extreme cowboy racing, mountain trail, and Western dressage. Masque also knows tricks, such as bowing and laying down, and is learning to drive. Masque and Kayla were the EXCA State Finals Green Horse Champions and the Mountain Trail Adult In Hand/Under Saddle Champions.

Kayla and Masque

Erin Vensel

Horse: King Julian, 18 year old Shire/American Quarter Horse gelding

Erin and King Julian are past competitors of the Versatile Horse and Rider Competition, and they’re excited for the opportunity to return this year in Ohio. Partners for 12 years, Erin and King Julian have progressed from Intro through Fourth Level in Dressage and hope to compete at the FEI level someday. In 2017, they placed 5th in the nation at second level. They were Grand Champions at the D4K Youth Festival that same year. They’ve earned their USDF bronze medal and are on their way to earning their silver medal. In addition to dressage, they love trying new things, such as mini trials, beach riding, and mounted shooting.

Erin and Julian

Raymie Shoop

Horse: Sweet Hollywood Star, 6 year old American Paint Horse gelding

“Spencer” and Raymie are a versatile team who have enjoyed overnight trail rides, ranch horse shows, and pleasure shows. Spencer stays willing and calm in trail and obstacle situations. Spencer also has experience in Western dressage. The pair became a team in 2020 and are excited to participate in the VHRC this year.

Raymie and Spencer

Rose Ellsworth

Horse: Batman, 7 year old gaited gelding

Rose and Batman have been developing their abilities through trail rides. This will be their first judged event.


Excited for this year’s Versatile Horse and Rider Competition? Plan to attend Equine Affaire on Friday, April 8, and watch the competition unfold in the coliseum, starting at 1 pm Eastern Time. Learn more about the competitors for this exciting event by following along on our social media channels leading up to the event, and stay tuned after the event for results!

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