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If a picture is “worth a thousand words,” then having opportunities to sell your horses and promote your farm and services in person to thousands of potential customers is “priceless.”

If you’re an avid horse person, the odds are good that you have a horse to sell, an equine facility or service to promote, or a stallion to advertise. What better place to realize these goals than a major equestrian gathering like Equine Affaire and a conveniently-located professional equine facility like the Eastern States Exposition in W. Springfield, MA? Equine Affaire returns to New England on November 9-12 and brings with it unbeatable opportunities to sell, market, and conduct business.
Selling your horses at Equine Affaire
Yes, you can sell your horse online, at your barn, or through an auction, but finding the right buyer at the right price at Equine Affaire just might be quicker, easier, and more profitable. You can rent a 12×9 “For Sale” stall at Equine Affaire for just $150, and each stall rental includes: two four-day passes to the event (a $100 value), a “For Sale” sign to post on the stall,and a free listing pre-event on equineaffaire.com.    Learn more…
Marketing your farm, stable, stallion, or boarding, training, and breeding facility at Equine Affaire
The  Horse & Farm Exhibits include three types of exhibit stalls – inline 12×9 stalls for only $150 each, end/corner stalls on the outer aisles of the barn for $175, and end / corner stalls on the main center aisle of C-Barn for $200. The rental of each exhibit stall includes: two four-day event passes (a $100 value); a one-line listing of stall number, farm name, breed of horse, and phone number or web site address in the free event program; and a listing pre- and during the event on equineaffaire.com. The Horse & Farm Exhibits are an important and popular feature of Equine Affaire, so Horse & Farm exhibitors must commit to being on site for at least three days of the event. Find out how you can participate in Equine Affaire’s Horse & Farm Exhibits. Learn more…
Contact Karin Brennan via email or call (740) 845-0085 ext. 112 for personal assistance with either the Horse & Farm Exhibits or “For Sale” stalls.
Visit equineaffaire.com to learn more about everything that Equine Affaire has to offer!
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