Equine Affaire’s Fantasia, sponsored by Absorbine—Great Horses, Great Music and So Much More!

Equine Affaire’s popular musical celebration of the horse, the Fantasia, is an evening of unforgettable equestrian entertainment that delights horse lovers young and old and creates the perfect ending to a busy day of learning, shopping, and reveling in all things horse-related at Equine Affaire! The 2016 Fantasia will take place at 8:00pm on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (November 10-12) in the Eastern States Exposition coliseum and will be made possible through the generous sponsorship of Absorbine®.

What to Expect: As the entertainment “cornerstone” of Equine Affaire, the Fantasia is always an uplifting and special reminder of why we love horses—showcasing their beauty, diversity, athleticism, intelligence, and willing spirit. For those not familiar with the Fantasia, it is best described as a “musical celebration of the horse” featuring outstanding equine and equestrian performers from all corners of the nation choreographed to musical styles ranging from traditional and country to classical and contemporary.

Put a lot of great horses, great riders, great music, and an energized audience of diehard horse lovers in one coliseum and—voila!—you have all the ingredients for the Fantasia. The 2016 Fantasia will have just the right blend of drama, fast-paced action, remarkable horsemanship, and amazing horses. Highlights of the event will include Grand Prix freestyle dressage, freestyle reining, driving, drill teams and much more and plenty of reminders of why we find horses so intoxicating.

Get your Fantasia tickets! Tickets for the Fantasia range in price from $14 to $25. Advance ticket are on sale through November 2nd; any remaining tickets will be available for purchase beginning at 9:00am on Thursday, November 10, at the Information Booth in the Better Living Center at Equine Affaire.

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